Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring time is Print time

In our world here all time is print time but we're happy Spring is finally here and the weather forecast suggests it should actually feel like it soon!

We'd like to blog share more often but keeping up with the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram (our newest fav sharing app) we tend to not make it into the blogosphere as much as we'd like.

Check out some recent card set up and printing we've done...
Disclaimer! We are better designers, file setters and printers than our photography suggests so please look past the low lighting and slight blurs... the prints are perfect!

Thermography printed customer appreciation cards for our friends at Athenian Restaurant in Sharonville

Full color printed cards on 16pt card stock w/ glossy UV coating for American Carports & Buildings here in our part of town of Reading, Ohio
Call them at 513-769-0871

Full color printed cards on 16pt card stock w/ glossy UV coating  for Cincy Basements "Are you finished?"

2 sided print Full color cards on 16pt card stock w/ glossy UV print for Gluten-Free for Cincinnati

If you're reading this... thanks for stopping by! Can we help you print today?

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