Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Time!!!

We just noticed that we have not blogged in a very long time...
bouncing around the internet blogging, facebooking, tweeting is time consuming when bouncing around the shop designing, plotting, printing....

But we're excited and wanted to share information about the Cincinnati Soap Box Derby!
The derby is currently looking for more drivers, ages 7 thru 17, to race in the Cincinnati Soap Box Derby on June 23. They have the cars. THEY NEED DRIVERS. contact

This local organization is looking for boys and girls, ages 8 through 17-years old, who want to drive in the Derby.  A limited number of cars are available. You can sign up for your chance to get one of these on the Derby's website,

Race day is Saturday, June 23 and typically it is a day-long event. 

Soap Box Derby Car w/ Custom Vinyl Graphics

Maybe you'll Place and get your name added to this incredible trophy!
created by Neusole Glassworks

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